5 Day Intensive Coaching Workshop Based On Process Work. From September 5th to September 9th.

5 Day Intensive Coaching Workshop Based On Process Work.  From September 5th to September 9th.

Join us in Tokyo for a dynamic five day immersion in the skills and practice of Process Oriented Coaching. Earn qualifications toward your international accreditation as a coach. Our coaching intensive combines core coaching modules GCI 101 and 102, offering 60 hours of coach-specific training.

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“Coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for developing insight, agility and courage. After 25 years working with organisations, I am sold on the value of coaching, especially in navigating complex situations.”

Rho Sandberg is an executive coach and has trained more than 1600 individuals to become coaches. Rho has a background in neuroscience, holds a Masters in Organisational Change and Conflict Facilitation (PWI, USA) and a Masters of Cognitive Science (UNSW).


“Being a coach is the most satisfying career I could have imagined. I love to help individuals and organisations find their vision, work on issues and conflicts, deepen their awareness and build new skills.  I get to know people I would never have met before at a deep level.”

Vicki Henricks has more than 25 years’ coaching experience and holds a Masters in Processwork (PWI, USA).
Graduates completing our first two modules – GCI 101: Coaching with the E1ME2RGE3Model and GCI102:The GCI Coaching Roadmap- will have met the ICF requirement of 60 coach specific training hours required for the ACC credential under the ACSTH path.


– Be introduced to the practice and profession of coaching.
– Discover what coaching is, and what it is not.
– Learn core coaching skills like visioning, goal setting, and deep listening.
– Discover what is unique and powerful about process-oriented coaching.
– Learn how powerful questions elicit new insights and possibilities.
– Learn about the ‘inner game’ of coaching & dynamics of the coaching relationship.
– Deepen your coaching capacity to build trust and rapport.
– Learn to expand your awareness, noticing what was previously not visible.
– Learn the art of maintaining coaching presence.
– Learn to negotiate coaching contracts with client organisations.
– Be exposed to a range of coaching scenarios to understand different levels.
– Learn to coach individuals and teams depending on their goals.


– Be introduced to leading edge concepts of human development and change.
– Discover the GCI Coaching Roadmap.
– A dynamic framework for identifying clients’ learning & development trajectories.
– Explore clients’ goals and aspirations in the broader narrative of their lives.
– Learn to tailor your coaching approach to your clients’ needs and contexts.
– Learn to further apply GCI’s EMERGE model for client insight and change.
– More skilfully assist clients’ discovery, exploration and navigation.
– Help realise and transition to emerging organisational behaviours and models.
– Discover and hone the range of metaskills essential to coaching in organisations.
– Learn to better identify and follow subtle forms of client feedback.
– Learn subtle and powerful techniques for enhanced congruence & accountability.
– Learn new models and tools for effective coaching conversations in organisations.

600,000 Yen

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